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Duct Doctor has extensive experience working with building engineers and construction managers to meet their Air Duct Cleaning needs. We have successfully worked with leading mechanical contractors, construction companies, government agencies, and healthcare facilities to solve their indoor air quality problems.

With companies today paying closer attention to environmental issues, poor indoor air quality can pose a great threat to human health. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has labeled poor indoor air quality as a high risk given the different types of contaminants, bacteria, mold, dust, and other harmful particles that are often resident in a building. The HVAC system, of course, plays a critical role in the indoor air quality in a building. It is logical, then, that dirty air ducts should be cleaned- especially in environments where indoor air quality is a top concern.

In order to maintain acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ), it is commonly recommended that mold, fungi, dust and other contaminants be cleaned out of the HVAC system. Cleaning HVAC systems provides many benefits. Cleaning lessens the likelihood of indoor air pollution in the building and may help to alleviate health and comfort complaints by occupants. Clean HVAC systems perform more efficiently, which may decrease energy costs. Well-maintained mechanical components are likely to last longer, reducing the need for costly HVAC system replacement or repairs.

Air Duct Cleaning provides a cost-efficient and practical solution to ensure the air circulating in an HVAC system is free of airborne contaminants. Having your Air Duct System cleaned will both remove potential health hazards and create an un-congested duct system that will help your HVAC system run more efficiently.